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Around the World in 80 Taxes

Taxes in this world differ a lot. That’s why Google and Facebook base their European operations in Dublin, why Russian Oligarchs form shell companies in the Cayman Islands, and why the extent and quality of public services vary between countries. Looking at total tax revenues per GDP (otherwise known as tax burden), OECD countries have… Read more »

7 Weird & Wonderful Tax Facts

I was going to start this blog with a quip about how tax isn’t a popular topic, but a quick search on Google Trends shows that it ranks as highly as ‘holidays’, and above ‘shoes’, ‘music’ and ‘tennis’ for search interest! So tax is actually quite a popular topic. Well, since everyone’s clearly so interested… Read more »

Top 10 Songs About… Money

It’s funny, musical artistry and financial advice do not often occupy the same space. Whether it’s rock stars splashing out in hotels, rappers’ buying eye-wateringly expensive gold chains, or pop starlets appearing at awards shows in seriously pricy dresses, the music world is known for its opulent glamour. Accountants… we’re more known for telling people… Read more »

The Office, Nearly 2 Years On

Pre-2020, I would have used the word hybrid to describe my bike, not my working week. Like anyone else in a full-time desk job, I would troop to the office five days a week, be this via bike, tube, or car, depending on which stage of my life we’re talking. Work from home arrangements were… Read more »

Inheritance: Fail to plan and your planning to fail

Inheritance tax planning is often postponed or neglected in today’s society. In reality it is one of the more important processes as it helps to ensure that a persons loved ones receive the highest possible amount of an estate rather than the taxman. With inheritance tax currently sitting at 40% an estate with little to… Read more »