Diversity Policy

Hamilton Blake is committed to avoiding discrimination in its dealings with clients, directors, employees and all other third parties that have dealings with the firm. It is committed to promoting diversity in its professional activities.

Everyone at Hamilton Blake is expected and required to treat all others equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect regardless of their:

  • Race or racial group
  • Sex (including marital status, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity and paternity)
  • Sexual Orientation (including civil partnership status)
  • Religion or belief
  • Age
  • Disability

In addition, Hamilton Blake will ensure that nobody with whom it has dealings will suffer any substantial disadvantage through any disability that they might have. The firm is committed to making reasonable adjustments for those with a disability in relation to job opportunities, promotion and training within the firm and the provision of services to client.

Diversity data can be viewed here

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Social Mobility


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