Guide to R&D – Architecture

Overview The whole concept of R&D within architecture is that each project will present unique challenges that take a period of thought, design and testing before a build can be started. R&D will be found where the company have to change their process or materials to suit a unique situation and, therefore, can be shown… Read more »

Inheritance: Fail to plan and your planning to fail

Inheritance tax planning is often postponed or neglected in today’s society. In reality it is one of the more important processes as it helps to ensure that a persons loved ones receive the highest possible amount of an estate rather than the taxman. With inheritance tax currently sitting at 40% an estate with little to… Read more »

Liquidation Changes

Members Voluntary Liquidations As of April HMRC have changed the rules regarding MVL’s in an attempt to stop ‘Phoenixing’ and ‘Moneyboxing’. The end result is that leaving large cash reserves in a business in the hope of extraction at a low tax rate has suddenly become not such a sure thing. Prior to April if… Read more »

Budget Report 2016

The new budget was announced earlier this year and with it came the inevitable changes proposed by government. In order to keep all our clients up to date with all these changes we have put together a report outlining the most important parts. If anything within the report concerns you in anyway please contact us… Read more »

Welcome to our new website!

After neglecting the old site for a few years we have finally caught up and are proud to unveil our brand new website! We will be using the site to send across important changes in regard to accounting and taxation as they come up. We will be uploading a summary of the changes announced in… Read more »