Research and Development tax relief

Research and development (R&D) tax relief is one of the most lucrative and underutilised tax reliefs within the UK.

R&D is useful to any company, in any sector, who undertakes a project which seeks to make scientific or technological progression. R&D is useful to companies of any size and can be used to reduce corporation tax or, in some cases, create a repayable tax credit which can be used by the company.

Below are some of the sectors Hamilton Blake has experience working in:

– Architecture
– Software
– IT Solutions
– Design and development
– Construction

Hamilton Blake will work with you to gain an understanding of your business and help build a claim for HMRC. R&D tax relief can create a cash repayment of up to 33% of allowable costs.

Its very common for companies to think of their work as ‘what we do’ when really the problems they are solving are often unique and could qualify for R&D tax relief. Contact us today and one of our tax consultants will be happy to talk to you free of charge.




Which businesses can claim?
Any business that undertakes projects to advance science or technology. One of our R&D tax consultants will happily discuss your business free of charge to help you understand if your business qualifies.
What is the process of submitting a claim?
We understand you are busy and therefore we try to take as much of the work away from you as possible. After an initial call discussing your company we will come to your offices and discuss your projects on an individual basis. We then work through all the information and write a report to HMRC outlining the activity, why it qualifies under their own rules and law and the costs associated.
How do Hamilton Blake charge?
We work on a successful claim basis. We charge a percentage of the benefit you gain as a company for the work we do. If we cannot get you a corporation tax reduction or a repayment, then we do not get paid. This means we are open and honest with you throughout about your projects and likely R&D levels.
Can HMRC challenge a claim?
Yes, HMRC have the right to ask for further information. On average 3.4% of our claims are questioned by HMRC (much below the 9% national average) and we boast a 100% record of dealing with these successfully. We limit the risk of an enquiry as much as possible by spending time with you and understanding the projects and your business. Our fee includes all support in the unlikely event of an enquiry with no extra or hidden charges.
Who will manage my claim?
Our R&D department is headed up by Managing Director Darryl Hazelhurst-Jeavons, Tax consultants Simon Wilby and Marc Lake. You will be assigned a dedicated manager who will be on hand throughout the process if you need anything or have any questions.

Contact us to see if your company can take advantage of R & D tax relief.

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