Save tax and protect your family’s wealth!

Many people are wary of trusts and see them as expensive and ineffective. This is, in actual fact, not the case. It is true that trusts are not right for every situation, however, they can be incredibly useful in the right circumstances.

Hamilton Blake are experts in the field of trusts and our dedicated team will guide you through the decision making process on whether a trust would be applicable to your given situation.

Protecting Capital

If you want to give away assets to a family member but are worried that it will be squandered you can put the money in a trust instead.

That way you can ensure the capital is protected whilst still allowing the beneficiary to enjoy the income and assets for life.


The trust can be as flexible as you like, you can even keep control over the assets by being a trustee.

Trusts can also be used in other ways, for example, to enable you to give assets away but still retain a right to income.